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Friday, April 30, 2010

So. . . I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while. Then the other night I decided to do it now instead of later. And then my brain was full of ideas late one night, and I had to write them down so I could go to sleep. It worked (writing them down so they were out of my head did let me sleep), but it was late. And I had had a late night the day before, too, so the next day was not good.

Anyhow, this is post #1 of my new blog. I’ve got all kinds of big plans for it, but for now I’m just starting to see if I can actually get it off the ground. I’ve started at least half a dozen blogs in my life (probably more), and none have ever made it to a dozen posts (one or two made it to eleven). So if I can stick with this one, I’ll buy a domain name, move it to the server, and fix it up really nice with a picture at the top and different pages to sort the topics in it. I’m going to discuss my life, cooking (including my favorite recipes!), sewing, parenting, home schooling, spirituality, and just about anything I feel like. I hope someone will find it interesting.

Anyhow, I wanted to tell about the day after that late-night brainstorm session. It was last Friday. I’m so glad that I’ve started doing most of my housecleaning on Thursday. I used to balk at doing it, but gradually I realized that more and more could be done on Thursday, making Friday easier to deal with. I can cook without pressure, and two Fridays ago I actually cut and sewed a dress for Gislaine, and she wore it the next day. [***Picture]

After one late night, I am usually pretty functional the next day. But after two late nights in a row, I am a wreck. Always have been that way. But I comforted myself that I had done almost all my Sabbath prep cleaning, and now all that was left was for me to do was to sweep and mop the kitchen floor and cook Sabbath lunch. That was good, because we were going to look at the house we’re buying to take measurements and compare floor samples to the surroundings of the place.

We were supposed to leave at 10:00. Now, on a good day, I can get breakfast cleaned up, beds made, teeth brushed, everyone bathed and dressed (I prefer to bathe the kids in the morning—can’t ever seem to get it done if I wait until evening) by 10:00. Well, this day wasn’t a good day. It didn’t help that there was an email I got that morning before breakfast that I felt it imperative to answer. I usually don’t turn the computer on until after all the aforementioned tasks have been completed. There is a lesson here somewhere. *Smile*

Anyhow, my husband works five minutes from our house, so he left for work and then came back to get us. He was right on time. I was ready, but the dishes weren’t done. I had sliced bread and packed patties, tomatoes, lettuce, spread, and carrots for sandwiches with carrots, to be made when we were ready to eat them. I had also packed my son’s cereal, beans, and beets. I had water for everyone and milk for Manny. We would be getting back in the early afternoon, and sundown isn’t until after 8:00, so I knew I would have plenty of time. Plus there would be no lunch dishes to clean up.

Well, we got there okay, but unfortunately the plumber that was supposed to come and give us an estimate for running propane line forgot to come. So we just took our measurements and picked out our favorite flooring samples, deciding what we wanted where.

When we were done, it was about 1:00 and we were all getting hungry. We thought we would go eat somewhere warmer than outside, but Estacada, where the house is, is a small town, and we weren’t even driving through it. So we stopped in a parking lot and decided to eat in the car. Only to discover that the patties were still frozen. So were Manny’s beans and beets. Bummer.

Well, Manny still had some milk left, so I gave him that. And home we headed. Gislaine was hungry, so I let her munch on carrots. I got really hungry, so I munched on them too. I was also very tired. When we got home, I changed my son’s diaper, hubby warmed the patties and made Gislaine’s sandwich. I fed Manny and ate, and hubby went back to work.

Gislaine was tired. She doesn’t nap every day, but she hadn’t napped for a couple of days, and she needed a nap. So down she went. That was a blessing. Manny had napped during the trip, so he was awake, but he was well behaved, which was good. I, on the other hand, was too tired to face the mess, so I spent and hour researching blogs.

Of course the mess was still there. I finally gritted my teeth and cleaned it up, made nut milk, made rice milk (I had cooked the rice before we left, just had to blend and strain it). We eat nut milk on cereal for Sabbath breakfast. It has more staying power than soy milk. I’ll post a recipe here eventually. I also made Sabbath lunch. A delicious garbanzo/gluten roast that I make quite often. The recipe is found in the cookbook Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley. I really like that book. I also cooked wild rice to go with it, cooked with a “chicken” broth made with water and Bill’s Best Chicken seasoning. It was pretty good.

I decided mopping was too much trouble by the time I had gotten everything cleaned up (including my Sabbath lunch prep dishes). So I just swept very well and decided to wipe up any spots I found with a damp cloth. That probably took about as long as a proper mop with the swiffer would have, but it didn’t feel like it. At least I can’t see any spots on the floor.

So I was ready for Sabbath. I made it through the day. I’m just glad sundown isn’t early right now!


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